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Residential Remodeling or Renovation: Is It Time for A Transformation?

Is it time for a transformation of your residence? This is notably the case if you have felt that you need any home upgrades. The actions that you and your contractor will use will depend on the sort of enhancements that are desired.

For instance, did you know that the words remodeling, renovation, and restoration are utilized interchangeably? However, the fact is that they are entirely separate methods that can be made use of to improve your house.

Also, being familiar with these terms can help you with project planning as well. Here is some valuable information that you should be concerned about before commencing your home transformation.

Project Planning

Some of the most familiar advice about project planning includes settling on blueprints, sketches, and more. Before you start this part of the project planning activity, it is best to know your financial plan first. Like a well-built home, starting with a reliable budget as your planning foundation will help you to see your plans are completed successfully from start to finish.

After you have settled on a budget it is an excellent time to set a starting date for the renovation, restoration, or remodel. Your timeline affects the bottom line of your project costs as well. For instance, some materials may have to be preordered, may be scarce, or have price changes due to the economy. Knowing when you want to start can help your contractor plan with you accordingly.

Lastly, it is imperative to ask your contractor any questions that may come to mind. Likewise, planning questions for your contractor can help as well. A few of the requests that you can ask of your contractor during the project planning process include discussing different grades of materials for a project, and how this data will impact your financial plan.


Homes that are under (HOA) Homeowner Association rules and homes that are listed as a historical residence have a different set of steps that you will have to take before any renovations.

A home remodel involves changing or shifting entire floor plans or any involved structures. This means that you can add, remove, or gut walls as well under this type of plan.

Other aspects that are considered part of a remodel are added plumbing, HVAC (heating and cooling) additions, and home expansions are considered to be residential home remodels.


Unlike a remodel, a renovation is renewing a present structure and adding fresher components. This type of plan tends to be cost-effective and can be done with a restoration plan simultaneously. This could include adding shiplap to a wall for visual appeal, or a better shower fixture to present plumbing. Though there is another possibility, it is a full home restoration.


There are many benefits of having a home restoration done with help from a professional contractor. The benefits include having a space that looks aesthetically better. A restoration includes mainly central or needed repairs, simple replacements of flooring (i.e., carpeting), or refinishing floors. This type of plan can include the replacement of older fixtures as well.

The main focus of a restoration is to get your home looking as it originally had and restore your home to its former glory. This can include replacing older fixtures with a replica and having more energy-efficient options.

When planning to transform your home, there are several options available. Also, you can ask your contractor about these three plan types to ensure that you will be happy with the ultimate result.

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