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A commercial contractor can complete a variety of property improvement projects. One of the most important things to remember when getting any property update done is that if you hire a commercial contractor for this purpose, rather than an individual do-it-yourselfer, they must carry liability insurance on all their technicians. Commercial contractors offer services such as:

Window Installation and Replacement Services

Commercial contractors install or replace windows to meet your building codes or create custom designs for your home. They will ensure the window replacement project offers energy-efficient options, such as double-paned glass and argon gas fills between the two panes. New window installations typically replace old window installations with wood or vinyl materials that require less upkeep than older models made from metal or aluminum frames that need painting every few years. Commercial contractors may recommend frameless glass replacement for an upscale look and increased visibility, but they select a style that suits your property’s architecture.

Door Installation Services

A commercial contractor installs new doors on your garage or front door to increase energy efficiency and security. New doors might replace old doors made from wood, fiberglass, metal, or aluminum. If the original door is rotting, warping, or rusting due to age or weather damage, a commercial contractor can replace it with a solid wood model that will not warp over time. Larger framed designs may be an upgrade option for older homes because they cover more of the opening space inside a small room and create a modern look by making the doorway appear larger in appearance without changing its actual dimensions. Custom exterior models are available with decorative glass inserts, including complex designs.

Stucco Installation Services

Commercial stucco installation creates a finished exterior surface on a home similar to plaster but more durable. The installation process begins by repairing or replacing any damaged areas of the property’s exterior with a waterproof underlayment. Next, a coat of primer is applied and allowed to dry. Then, a scratch coat is troweled onto the surface and allowed to dry before the final stucco coat is applied. A color coat may be included as part of the finish.

Siding Installation Services

Commercial siding contractors can install new vinyl, wood, or fiber-cement siding over the existing material on your home or provide replacement panels in those materials that fit below existing window and door openings. Vinyl and fiber cement sidings are available in many colors and styles, and both are treated to resist weathering, fading, and insects. Wood sidings must be painted or stained every few years to maintain their appearance and protect them from weathering.

Choosing to make one or more of these improvements is a big decision that requires research on your part before taking action. A good first step is consulting with commercial contractors in your area who are licensed to provide the services you need. Ask for quotes on their services, visit some of their previous installations and inquire about warranties before making a final decision.

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